Welcome to privacy policy section of JANITO ( the website (Site) where you – the user of this website – may find the policies regarding data collection, its usage, rights you reserve, third party links, cookies and security measurements that we take to keep you safe.

By using this website, you acknowledge the acceptance of these policies as laid out underneath in order to continue your usage either anonymously or as a registered member of JANITO (the website) in future.  We request you to read the policies before you continue navigating the website/ registering an account/ or placing an order on JANITO.


In order to improve the website and provide you tailored results, we may collect following data as mentioned here under:

We have the right to record your IP address, cookies and website navigation behavior for our internal usage to upgrade the website with more tailored results when you search something on the JANITO. In case of a register visitor, we have the right collect your personal information e.g. full name, date of birth (DOB), email address, contact number and physical address for future correspondence.

We urge you to provide authentic information if you wish to make purchases using JANITO’s website to avoid any complications. We also require you to submit additional information like credit card, bank details or any required piece of information that we need to process your order if you use an electronic payment solution – e.g. PayPal.

We also record your navigation history to predict the kind of products that interest you and provide relevant and refine results when you type a phrase in JANITO’s search bar. The data holds great value for us to keep our transactions with you smooth and uninterrupted when you make an inquiry or place an order through your registered account with us.


We use the collected data from your registered accounts, website usage and other activities that you perform for the betterment of user experience. The personal information that you submit here on JANITO (the website) is used for different operations in timely manner and shared with concerned parties that involve in that process to make your order’s delivery in timely manner.

We share your basic information like full name, contact number and physical address with certain parties that are integral part of shipments. The email you submit while subscribing to our newsletters or when registering a ‘buyer’ account is used for sending out monthly updates, promotions and other news about us. We do not share your personal information with anyone unless it is required by the governing laws or otherwise because your privacy is much more important for us.

We still use some part of your demographic information such as IP address or cookies if you use our website as an anonymous user. You’ll find more information on cookies in below section and discover how it helps us improve the website for more engaging content and relevant products in search results.


Being an anonymous user of this website you may access any section of the website if you agree with these privacy clauses as aligned by JANITO (the website) and continue website navigation. If you register with us a as buyer, you may set your profiles, change passwords and obtain purchase record anytime using the same login credentials you set during the registration process. Your personal information is secure with us and only you could access from any electronic device at your desire. If you have further confusion about the way we use your information or regarding your rights as the respected user (either registered or unregistered), you may write us at


JANITO (the website) uses certain 3rd party websites for the improvement purposes such as Google Analytics which is the property of Google Inc. and helps us analyze website’s performance and user behavior. However we do not sell or rent the personal information you provide either during registration process or otherwise but we hold the right to share certain amount of this information with certain 3rd parties that are either our vendor or service provider as mentioned above. If you wish to continue your usage of our website, you should agree with this clause otherwise you have the right to stop using this platform in case of any privacy concerns.

You’re likely to see links here on JANITO (the website) that lead to other websites that do not have direct business relation with us in any form. While visiting JANITO (the website) if you click on a 3rd party link then it is your sole decision either to continue your surfing as we do not claim any assurance with respect to that website’s legitimacy and secure usage. You’re visiting all 3rd party links on your own responsibility and JANITO (the website) cannot be held responsible for your activities or submission of any personal information to that website in any manner.


When you visit a website, your browser creates and stores small files containing certain details of your visits to that particular website and remembers the time, date and duration etc of your visit. Cookies helps both search engines and website owners to understand the intentions of a user and is made compulsory by the certification authorities that the user accept cookies before continuing navigation of that particular website.

By accepting cookies you disclose certain information to both search engines and website owners that is only require to keep track of your activity while you use our property (by visiting JANITO “the website”). Cookies also help Google Analytics to provide us better insights about our user’s stay time and favorite website sections that we use to improved the interface and make further chances accordingly. This is why we request you to enable cookies while visiting JANITO (the website) otherwise you may discontinue using this website if you wish to disable this feature.


It is to inform you that we take your security and privacy on our top priorities and seek your full support in making this platform more secure and safe for your usage. We’ve installed SSL certificate to prevent any cyber attacks and have encrypted your personal data for a safe and secure usage. We would not ask you to provide your password(s) through unsolicited mediums either via mail or through SMS as you have the sole right to access your registered account using your login credentials. And in case you receive an email from a source that pretends to be our associate in any manner and asks you to provide the confidential pieces of your personal information, you may either report it to our customer support at or ignore the email.

We hold the right to alter/enhance or make small chances to these privacy policies set out to guide you in future and request you to visit this page often to keep yourself updated about new changes.